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Mnksbyv was born and created in March of 2020 by an eyelash extension artist named Valencia. V started her journey in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and found her way to eyelash extension artistry. After leaving Chicago,IL in 2019 V dedicated her focus to her career and raising her small family of 4.

After studying the behaviors of lash application products. It didn’t take long for V to real size there were inconsistencies around the length of time eyelash extensions and falsies would adhere to the natural lashes. So V decided to address those needs. V realized artist needed products that would improve how long the extensions would adhere to the natural lashes, so she began sourcing and creating products for artist to use on their customers and for women who enjoy wearing false lashes and lash extensions.

 The successful launch of Minksbyv + Minksbyv Care have lead to a huge impact in the beauty industry. After much success on Tik Tok, V’s goals are to continue to make an impact on sharing the knowledge of eyelashes the health of natural lashes and how important it is to know how eye enhancements can be done in a safe and responsible way. 

V wants to continue to increase the awareness of her brand by partnering with influencers content creators and landing her first spot on corporate retail shelves in America. With the relationships it will not only establish trust with consumers but it will be a dream come true. Achieving this goal will allow V to realize her passion in the world of beauty was fulfilled and the beginning of her legacy as the first black minority woman in the history of her family to own a cosmetic company and become the go to brand for healthy safe eyelash application.

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