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Based on 151 reviews
Waterproof Lash Sealant

Very good product. Works as intended. Safe to use on semi-permanent clusters. Lashes came right off with oil free makeup remover. Would recommend!

This is the best adhesive i’ve ever used. Although it is sensitive, I use it on all of my clients. Pair it with the bonder.. NOT A RED EYE IN SIGHT. Retention is A1 with this adhesive!

Just applied it yesterday will be back with an update

This is the real deal. I love this sealant. She made excellent recommendations on lashes to get as well.

I was skeptical at first due to how small the fan was & the logo looking off. But it works great, has 3 different settings and comes with a lanyard & of course a charger.

update; it doesnt stay charged long, cute but will only be of use for about an hour

Picks up and fans lashes like butterr, giving fiber tippp😍🤌🏼

Girlll the way these pick up lashes and fan I thought they were fiber tip!🤣🫶🏼

i really like them!! they fan really well!! super fluffy!!

This product has truly helped my retention with my individual lash extensions 😍.
Lashes last way longer than usual.

Perfect for my natural girlies

These fan like a dream

Smooth and Buttery

It’s okay but I felt like the glue was not it very thick & my retention was bad with this glue I personally thought it was gonna be good , but everyone’s experience is different of course just didn’t work out for me.

I’ve been shopping with this company for over 2 years and as of this year, this product has not been the best when it comes to the amount in the bottle. I’ve received one bottle recently and my package was wet, the bonder was leaking which resulted in almost half the bottle being gone. I’ve reached out via email on this issue, received a discount, used the discount for the shipping issue to happen AGAIN.

I am highly disappointed with this company! I ordered 2 lash adhesives on 07/21/23 and today is 08/10/23 and my tracking still shows that USPS is waiting for the item. Therefore the seller never took the items to the post office to be delivered to my address. I am now out of $60! And it also caused a huge inconvenience to my business! I had to reschedule all of my clients for august just because I did not receive my 2 lash glues that I thought would be here by August

Lashes last a month + !! Great glue .

This glue is good !!!

The truth!!

Absolutely love this adhesive, I’ve been using it ever since the beginning of my lash journey. And it’s almost been 2 years now. I would love to be an brand ambassador some day💕

Favorite glue

It’s awesome and it holds really good. It’s my favorite glue.
The only thing I don’t like is the nozzle gets clogged really fast. I would love if there were an option to purchase the tips. Or if they still came with an extra one.

So far so good…just turned my lash technician on to your product’s & I feel like my retention is So much better! 🙏🏻🤞🏻❤️

My Lash Retention is 💯Will definitely purchase again.

Love these lashes! Fluffy and fan beautifully!

What I bought, was not the items I received in my kit. Highly upset.

The Best

I’ve tried so many different adhesives. I finally found the one ☝️

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