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The #1 Secret for Better Lash Retention

The #1 Secret for Better Lash Retention

Curious on how to make your client's eyelash extensions last longer?

Don't allow your struggle with lash retention convince you that lashing isn't for you! For the exhausted, uninspired, overworked lash tech who wants to overcome customer dissatisfaction and gain confidence in their lash business let us introduce you to the retention recipe. Here's 4 steps to help with lash retention so your client's lash extensions last longer!

Step 1: Primer

As much as we would love a lash bath to do a deep clean for us prepping with lash primer creates a cleaner magnetic canvas for the adhesive to rapidly grip to the natural lashes. Priming lashes strip the natural hairs of its oils and proteins. 


Step 2: Lash Adhesive


Lash adhesive can be so tricky because there is so much you honestly NEED to know so you are using the glue the best you can before it gets old. Here are the most important gems you need to know starting with Drying times. 

  • Drying time is determined by speed. If you are a beginner lash artist and move at a slower pace an adhesive that dries at a slower speed is suitable for you. (Ex: 1-2 seconds, 2-3 seconds even 4 seconds). Drying time is determined  from the moment the adhesive touches the natural lash and stays in place. NOT from the time the adhesive leaves the bottle.

Following your adhesive Temperature and Humidity range will help you know if your glue can survive in your lash space and if it can't manipulating the air quality of that particular area is going to help with the performance. 

  •  All lash adhesive are created with an ingredient named Cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate (rapidly polymerizes in the presence of water to form long strong bonds.) So if there is tons of moisture in the air it speeds the adhesive curing process and if there isn't enough moisture in the air it slows down the adhesive curing capability which can slow down your lash speed.


Step 3: Bonder


Bonder helps your lash adhesive cure. Working without bonder prevents your customers eyes from burning and turning red. Customers hate eye irritation and the more comfortable they are when getting their lashes done the more likely they will continue to come back.

Using bonder also helps the lashes stay on 4+ weeks!


Step 4: Sealant


Sealant is just as important as bonder but what makes this product so special is that when you apply it to your customers lashes line it protects the lash adhesive bond and makes the lashes waterproof and helps them stay in place and indestructible. 

This product is so powerful because clients can also use this once a week on themselves in between appointments. This improves the lash retention to 6-8 weeks and improves the adhesive bond.


You can get all 4 products together as a bundle here.



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