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How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions In Summer

How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions In Summer

Summers! Huh, we all know summer shakes our social calendar. It’s the time to spend your day on the sandy beach, enjoy some good old times out in pool parties, and feast on sunset BBQs with beautiful balmy weather. 


While you enjoy the glammy sunshine and season's vibes, it becomes crucial to give extra attention to your beauty routines. And what could make you more glamorous than sporting stunning summer lashes? Indeed, just a pair of lush lashes can effortlessly elevate your look for the day!


But hey, did you know that summer goodness can be brutal to your beloved eyelash extensions? Yup, the sizzling heat and humidity can cause some real challenges for those fluttery lashes. They can fade, become brittle, and even break- leaving you with a messy appearance. Not exactly what you had in mind, right?


Don't worry, though! I've got your back. I brought you the super summer secrets to keep your eyelash extensions clean and healthy year-round. So, during this festive season, follow these tips and tricks and make sure your summer lashes don't hold you back. Curious as to how? Let's get started!


How Does Summer Impact Your Eyelash Extensions?

Okay, let's face this. Summers bring higher levels of humidity, heat, and temperature, which means increased moisture in the air, excessive sweat, and oily skin. You may tackle these nasty problems, but alas, your eyelashes cannot bear such a burden! The moisture in the air messes with the bond between your extensions and natural lashes, making it shed earlier than you'd like. Additionally, high temperatures can make your extensions brittle, dull, and lackluster and even cause them to lose their shape.

And the worst side? Wearing summer eyelashes can trigger pesky allergies. The constant rubbing and scratching can force your lashes to surrender and fall out prematurely. Plus, some airborne irritants like pollen and dust can cozy up to your lashes, making them feel downright uncomfortable.

7 Summer Lash Care Secrets: Keep False Lashes Flawless and Fabulous

Summer is the season of sun-kissed skin, sandy toes, and carefree vibes. And while you may absolutely love it, your lashes might not! However, who says you have to choose between your fashion and beauty or your fun? You can definitely have the best of both worlds! Here are some handy tips to ensure that your lash extensions remain fabulous and fresh all summer long.

1. Lash Sealant Works Wonder


First thing first. Reapplying a waterproof sealant to your eyelash extensions is a game-changer during summer. Surprisingly, it effectively shields your lashes against moisture, sweat, oil, and the whole shebang. So, you don’t have to worry about mascara running down your face or losing your extensions due to heat and water exposure. Once you wear sealant, you can confidently lounge by the pool, enjoy a refreshing dip, or dance all night away at a beach party without a care in the world. 


Try out our Waterproof Lash sealant today. Our top-notch sealant provides ultimate protection against moisture, sweat, and oil - keeping your lash extensions intact and fabulous for a long time.



Let’s have a look at some more compelling reasons why using a lash sealant in the summer is a must.


1. Enhanced Longevity of Extension

Summer brings the kind of humidity that can make your lash adhesive throw a tantrum. Here is where you need to reapply the waterproof sealant every few days. As the sealant acts as a protective barrier for your false lashes, it helps to increase its shelf life by 30%. You see, it enhances the adhesive's strength of the lash, preventing premature shedding and allowing your extensions to last longer.


2. Retains Your Curl As You Like

The summer heat can cause lashes to droop or lose their curl. However, with the application of a sealant, you can effortlessly maintain your desired shape. By retaining their beautiful curl and shape, your lashes maintain an attractive voluminous and lifted look.

3. Resistance to Sweat and Oil

The summer months are known for being the season of sweating. However, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on your lash game. With the help of a waterproof sealant, you can truly have it all! It helps your lashes resist the effects of perspiration and make sure you get a flawless appearance throughout the day.


4. Protection Against Water Activities

Who doesn't in the world love a refreshing dip in the pool or an adventurous romp in the ocean on a hot summer day? A great way to escape the heat! Well, your lash extensions might have a different opinion. Chlorinated pools, saltwater, and other waterborne substances can be detrimental to your false lashes. Did you know chlorinated pools can make your lashes crusty, and saltwater causes lashes to fall out prematurely? Ouch!


But worry not because when you apply a waterproof sealant, you create a solid defense against these waterborne substances. Whether you're diving into the ocean or splashing around in a pool, the sealant ensures that your lashes remain intact. So, no matter how wet and wild your summer adventures get, your lashes will always look their best.


2. Always Use Professional Lash Cleanser 


Wanna know a superb secret gateway to cleaner and healthier lashes? Here is it: Summer lash care requires nothing less than the touch of a professional lash cleanser. This outstanding product swoops in to remove all the dirt, oil, and sweat that accumulate on your lashes. And the best part? Its gentle magic formula cleanses thoroughly without compromising the integrity of your lash adhesive. 


Here are some more benefits of using a professional lash cleaner.

1. Removal of Residue

The scorching summer sun leaves you perspiring while environmental pollutants and oil cling to your lashes. Not only does this make your false eyelashes look messy, but it also leaves a less-than-impressive impression. On the other hand, using a lash cleanser removes these impurities and ensures that your lashes remain clean and healthy for a long time.


Here is another golden suggestion: If you want your eyelash in place all day long, try out our True Hold Pro Eyelash Extension Adhesive. Believe me; it's your ultimate solution for long-lasting, flawless lashes. This incredible adhesive offers the perfect combination of durability and flexibility – ensuring you enjoy worry-free summer. Get the perfect hold with True Hold Pro!

2. Prevents Bacterial Growth

Ah, the heat and humidity of summer—the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The lash cleanser or shampoos play a vital role in keeping those bacterial baddies away. Just try not to forget to clean your lashes regularly. And you can enjoy an infection-free and irritation-free eye experience throughout the season.

3. Saltwater Contact

When eyelash extensions come in contact with salt water, something bad can happen. Saltwater is known to have a drying effect, which can cause your lashes to become brittle and more prone to breakage. The salt in the water can also disrupt the moisture balance of your lashes, potentially leading to dryness and dehydration.


Thankfully, a professional lash cleanser comes to the rescue in this scenario as well. It helps remove saltwater residue, preventing any potential damage and preserving the longevity of your extensions. So, after a delightful day at the beach with your lashes encountering salty water, the lash cleanser steps in to save the day once again. It ensures your extensions stay fresh, healthy, and ready for your next seaside adventure.

3. Avoid Excessive Rubbing While Wearing Summer Lashes


Another thing to keep in mind is not to vigorously rub or tug at your lashes, especially after swimming or sweating. Instead, treat them gently by patting them dry with a soft towel. Remember, a gentle touch goes a long way in preserving their beauty and lifespan.


4. Limit Sun Exposure


While the sun is undoubtedly a source of joy, you must remember excessive sun exposure can harm your lashes. The heat can weaken the lash adhesive and lead to potential shedding or loss of curl. So, rock a chic pair of sunglasses or don a stylish hat to shield your lashes from those harmful UV rays. With a blend of safety and fashion, you'll be summer-ready in no time!


5. Opt for Oil-Free Skin Care Products

Summertime is all about soaking up those beachy vibes while still taking care of your skin. You might be using sunscreen and various skin care products to shield your skin from burns or blemishes. But guess what? Oil-based cosmetics can really wreak havoc and make your lash adhesive lose its grip! 


Therefore, you should replace those trouble-making oily products with oil-free goodies instead. Trust me; you don't want your lashes to go on a wild adventure of their own while you're out there sweating it out in the summer heat. Keep those greasy troublemakers far away from your precious lash line, and let your lashes stay glamorous in place.


6. Be Gentle When Combing


Here is another magical tip: To keep your lashes looking tidy and untangled, use a clean spoolie brush. Start from the base and gently comb through the lashes, working your way up. This practice helps prevent tangling and ensures your lashes maintain their natural and glamorous appearance.


7. Be Mindful of Temperature Changes 


Humidity and heat can pose a challenge to eyelash extensions; thus, fluctuating temperatures, from air-conditioned spaces to scorching outdoor heat, can affect your eyelash extensions - causing the adhesive to expand or contract, potentially weakening the bond.


To minimize this risk, first off, try your best to avoid those sudden temperature shifts. I mean, going from an AC room to outside in direct sun heat within a split second—your lashes just can't keep up! If you know you're about to face some wild weather swings, bring a handheld fan or a nifty cooling device. These little helpers will make sure your lashes get a smooth transition and gradually adapt to the new environment. 



Summer doesn't have to be a nightmare for your eyelash extensions. So, stop the fear of wearing them during this sunny season!


All it takes is a proper care routine, which includes reapplying a waterproof sealant and using a high-quality lash cleanser regularly. You can enjoy stunning lashes that look as fresh as when you first got them. Next, summer is all about having fun, but remember to treat your lashes with extra care. Avoid the temptation to rub or tug on them, no matter how tempting it may be after a long day of sun-kissed activities. Handle them gently, and they will reward you with their luscious presence.


With these tips in your beauty care routine, you'll be turning heads with your fluttery summer lashes all season long. So, don't let the summer blues bring down your lash game or dampen your fun. Confidently wear false eyelashes and be ready to steal the show wherever you go.


Looking to enhance your lashes and keep them looking fresh for longer? Look no further than Minks By V. Visit our website today and experience the magic of luxurious eyelash extensions that enhance your natural beauty. We offer you a premium collection of lashes and beauty products which will take you into a world of glamorous possibilities. So, don't miss out on the chance to transform your everyday style into something extraordinary. Unlock the secret to mesmerizing eyes - explore Minks By V now!




Q1. Can I wear false lashes in the summer heat? 


Absolutely! False lashes are perfect for all seasons, including summer. Just make sure to follow proper care and maintenance routines to keep them looking fabulous and secure in the heat.


Q2. How often should I reapply the waterproof sealant? 


I recommend reapplying the waterproof sealant every two to three days. This ensures that your lashes stay intact and resistant to water, sweat, and humidity.


Q3. Can I swim with false lashes? 


Yes, you can swim with false lashes! To protect your lashes while swimming, I recommend applying a waterproof sealant and avoiding rubbing or tugging them when wet.

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